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Registration & Admission

When you first arrive at any HSA location, please go to the registration officer to check-in. Every registration requires you to present a valid government photo ID and current insurance card. During registration, we will verify your contact information, please let us know if there are updates.  

If required by your insurance, your co-pay will be collected at this time.  

After your service is complete, please visit registration or the cashier to check-out and make payment.

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After completing admission procedures, you will be shown to your room and bed. Your nurse will explain the ward layout and routines.

If you have been pre-admitted, you will have a specific appointment time to arrive at the hospital, and you will be admitted to your room or sent for prescribed tests as soon as possible. If you have not been pre-admitted, you will be asked to provide pertinent information about yourself as well as your insurance coverage. Your insurance coverage will be verified at the time of admission.

We make every effort to admit you to your room as quickly as possible; however, our first priority is always medical need, and hour-by-hour changes in the number of patients make it impossible to predict which rooms will be available until the day you arrive. Please remember that should there be a delay, we are doing our best to meet your needs. When you have settled in your room, the doctor will visit you. Please tell the doctor of any known allergies or side effects of particular drugs and foods. Should you wish to leave the ward at any time, please inform the nursing staff beforehand. They are directly responsible for your safety while you are in the Hospital’s care.

If you have any difficulty in finding your way around the Hospital, do not hesitate to ask a member of staff for directions.

Hospital staff wear identification badges which give their name and position. During your stay you will be cared for by a team of doctors, nurses and allied health professionals.

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When you are admitted, you will be asked to sign various consent forms. It is important that you read and understand everything you sign. If you have questions about any item on any form, please ask your healthcare provider. 


While you may wish to bring your own pyjamas, robe and slippers, we strongly urge you to leave all valuables at home.

It is important that you don’t bring too much with you. There is not a lot of storage for your belongings in hospital. Your relatives or friends will be asked to take home your suitcase and any valuables.

What to Bring

Be Sure to Bring:

  • private health insurance card (if you have one)
  • admission letter from your doctor (if appropriate)

For Inpatient stay only, be sure to bring the following:

  • night wear/pyjamas
  • dressing gown
  • comfortable clothes, such as a track suit, for daytime use
  • slippers
  • sanitary pads – packet
  • toiletries – tissues, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, comb, shampoo

In addition, if you are an obstetric patient you will need:

  • nursing bras and pads
  • cotton wool balls
  • baby clothing
  • diapers
  • blankets
  • booties
  • baby soap
  • bath blanket


When you come to hospital bring all the medication that you are currently taking. This will enable the Hospital’s doctor to obtain accurate information on the type of drug and dosage.