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Doing Business with HSA

Working together to build the premier healthcare system in the Cayman Islands.

We have been your community hospital since 1953. It is a journey we have taken with many Caymanians from the moment of birth, until their final farewell. The continued health and well-being of our community has been a guiding factor throughout, and our workforce of near 1,000 staff, covering 33 nationalities, across eight facilities work daily to meet the healthcare needs of our residents and visitors.

Our Procurement Process

We have a legal obligation to ensure fairness and impartiality in our purchase of goods and services. All contractors must therefore have an equal and fair opportunity to work with us.

Each procurement opportunity is managed uniquely depending on the contract value, scope of work, and other bidding requirements. Procurement follows a standard process:

  1. Request for Proposal (RFP)
  2. Bid
  3. Evaluation
  4. Contract
  5. Project activation
  6. Project administration
  7. Project close-out

Contracts estimated at less than $250K are handled internally, larger contracts must be approved by the Public Procurement Committee.

Bids are subject to an evaluation process based on the criteria and weightings. We generally tell you how the bids will be evaluated in the bid document.

Becoming a Registered Vendor

Register directly with HSA’s Procurement Department by emailing hsprocurement@hsa.ky or completing the vendor registration form below.

If submitting your bid through the Cayman Islands Government online Public Purchasing Portal, vendors must also register at www.cayman.bonfirehub.com.

Local Vendor Support in Legislation

The Cayman Islands Government is obligated to:

  • inform the local supplier community of upcoming projects
  • ensure that projects provide opportunity for the small and medium size suppliers
  • avoid the use of restrictive specifications and unnecessary requirements
  • use plain language, simplify documentation & use commercially reasonable terms and conditions
  • invite interested suppliers to pre-procurement briefings as a group to receive input into the specifications and process, and receive questions on specific issues

Vendor Rights

  • A fair and transparent process - diclosure of the successful bidder and contract value
  • Procurement Debriefing - must be provided on request
  • Formal compliants - following a debriefing, a vendor can file a formal complaint
  • Access all Procurement Laws, Regulations, Policies and Procedures
  • Orientation, training and education from the Central Procurement Office

Finding Opportunities for Contracts

Opportunities for work will generally be publicly posted at one of the locations shown below. You may also be directly notified via email if you are a registered vendor with the HSA.


The programme provides construction companies and local suppliers with work opportunities for small to medium sized projects. We have deliberately separated the work packages to engage smaller contractors and increase value for money. Some of the other things we are doing to make working with us easier include:

  • Requiring contractor’s insurance, only if you are to be awarded a contract
  • Technical assistance to work with the Government’s bidding system (Bonfire)
  • Manageable and timely payment terms for contract work;
  • Providing contract templates for bids won to reduce administration
  • Direct notification of contract opportunities when they become available
  • Funding of material purchases under certain conditions
  • Ensure bid documents are as simple and clear as possible
  • Accepting hand delivered paper bids for certain smaller contracts
  • Willingness to consider sub-contractor work packages

What We Ask From You

  • Fair dealings – help us keep healthcare affordable for our community
  • Professionalism – when working with us and in our facilities
  • Good planning – do it when you say you are going to do it
  • Good communication – stay engaged so we can work through issues together


General Feedback

If you have general procurement feedback, email our Procurement Department at hsprocurement@hsa.ky.

Questions while bidding on contracts

For information on a specific bid, vendors can reach out to the designated contact identified in the bid document.

What happens if my bid is submitted late?

All bids must be returned by the closing date and time indicated in the bid document. Any bids received after the deadline will not be considered. All bids are opened at the same time to ensure a fair and transparent process.

Rules governing the Procurement process

There are procurement laws and regulations that the Health Services Authority must follow when procuring goods and services. Visit the Cayman Islands Government Central Procurement Office website at www.procure.gov.ky for a listing of all procurement laws, regulations, policy and guidance which govern the way in which public sector procurement is conducted. The rules promote fairness and discourage collusion, corruption and other unfair practices.

If I am unsuccessful, will you explain why my bid failed? What are you allowed to tell me about the winning bidder?

Yes - You will be informed of the name of the successful bidder and provided with feedback on your bid.

The feedback process will:

  • help you gain a clearer understanding of your performance compared to the published requirements
  • provide assurance that an open, fair and transparent process has been undertaken
  • help the vendor plan and compete for their next procurement opportunity.