Patient Services

Our Patient Services Department provides the required assistance to all our patients, as needed, from making appointments to handling all the details that make recovery go flawlessly.

Our professional team helps to coordinate every aspect of patient care, including: – Hospital and medical appointments; Physician Referral Service; Travel arrangements; Emergency arrangements, such as air ambulance; Financial arrangements; Support assistance; Explanation of hospital policies and procedures; Help in a crisis.

Your opinions about the care and services provided by the hospital are the priority of our staff. If you have a problem, question, complaint, or special need, or wish to commend a department or employee, we encourage you to call the Patient Services Representative at 244-2820.

Your health is important to us, and we want to take care of you so that you can concentrate on getting better. Our staff will help you through all the necessary steps to ensure your complete rehabilitation, guiding you through appointments and handling all the details that make your recovery go flawlessly. Your doctor may recommend medical treatment overseas. Our professional team will help to coordinate every aspect of your care, including:

  • Hospital and medical appointments
  • Physician Referral Service
  • Travel arrangements
  • Emergency arrangements, such as air ambulance
  • Financial arrangements
  • Support assistance
  • Explanation of hospital policies and procedures
  • Help in a crisis

In the case of overseas referrals, proper documentation is needed by the immigration authorities. Valuable time can be saved if your travel documents are in order, and this can be critical in saving precious lives.

  • ensure that you have a valid passport and visa
  • contact the passport office to have these validated if necessary
  • ensure that your health insurance premiums are paid and current

A Patient Referral Representative is available in the hospital: Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m.- 5 p.m.


Call 948-2243 extension 137 or 948-2512.

Our fax number is 948-0339.

Additional Services

  • Assist patients/visitors/staff with requests, information, and referral
  • Work with patients and visitors who are dissatisfied
  • Provide support/assistance during a crisis
  • Visit patients/families throughout the hospital
  • Follow up on missing/damaged property
  • Investigate patient complaints