Public Health

Public Health Administration 345-244-2889 or 244-2621

As of 9 May 2022, there are 1,427 estimated active cases of COVID-19 in the Cayman Islands.

If you have flu symptoms contact the 24 hour Flu Hotline 1-800-534-8600, 345-947-3077 or email

Sister Islands Flu Hotline - 1-800-534-2243


Public Health has issued guidelines and a new online platform for persons to check their eligibility for isolation release when testing POSITIVE for COVID-19 on exit PCR. These guidelines for potential release are only for persons whom have completed their full isolation period, are asymptomatic and are within certain CT values. To check your eligibility, click here. Parameters for persons who require retesting are available here.

ONLY Exit PCR tests from Public Health (HSA) are accepted for isolation release.


If you are NEGATIVE on PCR exit, your negative lab result (from Public Health/HSA) can serve as your isolation release letter to employers, school, etc.  If you need an isolation advisory notice or an isolation letter for another reason (ie: for an exit test more than 7 days old) please use the form here.

INCONCLUSIVE – multiple tests performed on the sample and is not showing positive nor negative, making the result ‘inconclusive’. Please send your result to Flu Hotline ( to seek advice on your status from Public Health.

REPREP - the sample has been processed and has been designated for reprocessing in the lab. Persons do not need to take another PCR test. The result will be slightly delayed past the expected timeframe since it must be processed again. No action required until the person receives the PCR final result (ie: negative, positive, inconclusive).


Report a positive LFT here

Additional resources:

  • Report a positive Lateral Flow Test (LFT) result here. Persons who test positive, whether via a self-reported LFT or a Certified LFT, must take a PCR test at the next available opportunity. The following clinics will be available daily:
      • Truman Bodden Sports Complex (drive thru parking lot), 8am - 10am
      • Ed Bush Sports Complex (West Bay), 1 – 2pm
      • Bodden Town Civic Centre, 1 –2pm
  • Request an isolation/quarantine letter: A negative PCR test result can serve as your official public health isolation order and can be used for proof to employers. Fill out this online form to request an Isolation Order Letter or Isolation Release.
  • Quarantine/Isolation Grocery & Support Services
    Isolation Support Line, 946-3530 or 1-800-534-3530,
    Monday – Friday | 9am – 4pm
    Saturday | 9am – 1pm

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For the latest COVID-19 vaccination schedule, click here.

For comprehensive information on Coronavirus Preparedness, visit

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About Public Health:

Through five satellite health centres – one for each district in Grand Cayman – the Community Health Services provides primary care across the island. This supports the Cayman Islands Health Service Authority’s firm belief that every member of the community is entitled to the highest possible standard of health care through a community-based health system.

Services provided through the district health centres include general practice, immunisations, maternal and child health care, health education and support of disabled patients in their homes. Home visiting services are also provided.

Public Health programmes include:
•    Health advice and vaccines for international travellers;
•    School Health including primary care, health assessments, vision and hearing tests etc.
•    Nutrition and dietary counselling clinics;
•    Child health including growth and development monitoring;
•    Communicable disease screening;
•    Disease control programmes, including surveillance, immunization (adults and children); and
•    Special programmes relating to Genetics and Sexual health.

Public Health Nursing Clinic (childhood vaccinations) - 345-244-2648