Respiratory Therapy

What is respiratory therapy?

Respiratory therapy is a specialized healthcare profession that focuses on the evaluation, treatment, and management of patients with respiratory and various cardiopulmonary disorders. Our respiratory therapists are skilled professionals who closely collaborate with physicians and other healthcare staff to provide comprehensive respiratory care.

Respiratory Therapists perform a wide range of essential functions, including assessing patients' respiratory conditions, conducting diagnostic tests, administering therapies, and managing life support systems like mechanical ventilators.


  • oxygen therapy
  • inhalation therapy
  • sleep order studies
  • home oxygen and CPAP therapy
  • pulmonary ventilation test
  • airway care management techniques
  • mechanical invasive and non-invasive support using CPAP and mechanical ventilators
  • administration of prescribed pharmaceutical substances/agents
  • patient education and family teaching

Our respiratory therapists play a pivotal role in patient education to equip individuals and their families with knowledge about respiratory conditions, self-care techniques, and the proper utilisation of respiratory equipment.

Ultimately, the goal of our respiratory therapy is to enhance and sustain optimal respiratory function, elevate patients' quality of life, and promote overall respiratory health.

Hours of Operation

Respiratory Therapy operates from Monday to Friday 7 am to 5 pm. Located at George Town Hospital 2nd Floor. 

To schedule an appointment, call 244-2759 or email