Summer Student Internship Programme

Healthcare internships


Registration for the 2024 HSA Summer Student Internship Programme has ended. Successful applicants will be contacted by an HSA representative in the coming weeks.

The HSA Summer Student Internship Programme offers a unique internship opportunity to current college/university level and high school students who express a keen interest in pursuing a career within the healthcare field. 

The Summer Student Internship Programme brings together the next generation of healthcare professionals. It provides a chance for the students to gain practical experience and develop their skills for future career opportunities.

Eligible Participants

• Students must be Caymanian and/or have the Right to be Caymanian
• The student must be at least sixteen (16) years old
• Students must have a genuine career interest in the Healthcare field

Internship Periods

Internships typically take place from June through September. Individual internship placement periods may vary (estimated 4 – 8 weeks placement opportunities).

Application Requirements

As part of this application, you will be required to complete a personal statement (100 words or more) to tell us why you are interested in an internship opportunity.

You will also be required to upload the following documents:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Copy of current passport – photo page
  • Copy of current passport – current stamp page
  • Letter of acknowledgment/Right to be Caymanian/Caymanian Status
  • Proof of current health insurance coverage
  • Proof of current schooling (student ID/transcript/confirmation letter)

For more information about the HSA Summer Student Internship programme email:

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