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Last updated Oct 2023

Acceptance Guidelines

Candidates must satisfy the requirements for provisional registration as outlined in the Cayman Islands Law and regulations. (See Health Practice Law (2005 Revision), Section 25 and Health Practice (Amendment) Law 2013 section 14. See also Health Practice Registration Regulations (2005) Section 6 and Health Practice Registration (Amendment) Regulations, 2013 section 8.

Health Practice Registration Regulations (2005) Section 6

Health Practice Registration Regulations (2005) Section 6:

An applicant shall be eligible for provisional registration where:

  1. The candidate has obtained qualifications to be a health practitioner in-
    • Australia
    • Canada
    • Jamaica
    • New Zealand
    • South Africa
    • The United Kingdom; or
    • The United States of America
  2. The candidate has passed the Caribbean regional registration examination set out by any relevant organization including, but not limited to, the Caribbean Association of Medical Councils
  3. The candidate has obtained qualifications from the University of the West Indies or any institution accredited by the Caribbean Health Education Accreditation Board; or
  4. The candidate has qualification approved by a relevant Council.

CAMC Recommendations for interns’ appointment

Candidates who have successfully completed medical training at the University Hospital of the West Indies and have passed CAMC Exams 1 and 2 are eligible for internship. (These candidates may be provisionally registered followed by full registration on successful completion of 1 year of internship followed by 1 year as a Senior House Officer (SHO).

Additionally, senior Members of the CAMC council have suggested that another category may be considered for internship to accommodate some fully licensed practitioners from other jurisdiction (This is a decision that is left up to individual territories).

Candidates who have successfully completed medical training and full internship and are fully licensed from a jurisdiction outside of that outlined in (a) above and had been in active clinical practice in a structured clinical environment for at least 3 years preceding application for internship at the Health Services Authority. These candidates must successfully pass all parts of the CAMC exams before full registration.

Please note:

  1. Candidates who have completed their internship at the Cayman Islands Hospital will normally not be considered for SHO posting at the Cayman Islands Health Services Authority.
  2. Please note that the recommendations from CAMC are for the purpose of guidance only and do not supersede any requirement outlined in the Laws of the Cayman Islands.

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