Public Relations Officer

Summary of profession

Public relations officers craft positive public images for the organizations that employ them by gaining favourable media coverage. Public relations officers may also coordinate public events like exhibits and contests to promote their organizations. 

Working hours, patterns and environments

Officers usually work Monday to Friday. Hours can be irregular and may involve early starts, late finishes and working at the weekend if you have a deadline or are reacting to a crisis. They normally work in an office and travel regularly to attend events and conferences, and to meet clients.

Education and skills

They typically hold bachelor’s degrees in public relations or related fields. Entry-level public relations officer applicants typically hold a four-year degree in public relations or related field like marketing, communications, or journalism. 

Job growth and opportunities

With in-house Public Relations officer experience, one could be promoted to PR manager or head of communications. With agency experience, one could progress to senior account executive or account manager or even go freelance or move into advertising, marketing or journalism.