Medical Technologist

Summary of profession

Medical technologists are part of the medical team of laboratory specialists that work together to determine the presence, extent or absence of disease. They collect samples and perform tests to analyze body fluids, tissue and other substances.

Working hours, patterns and environments

Medical Technologists work in doctors’ offices or diagnostic/ research laboratories. Laboratories generally are well lit and clean. Laboratory workers may spend a great deal of time standing. Technologists work eight hours a day,five days a week. In some facilities, they work shifts and may need to work weekend and

Education and skills

An individual must have a bachelor’s degree in Medical Technology. In addition, students usually take part in a one-year internship based in a hospital setting followed by an examination. Continuing education hours are also required to renew the annual license.

Job growth and opportunities

Technologists may become Managers/Directors. Some may also go into related fields of work, such as medical or drug research, public health, nuclear medical technology, clinical lab education or technical equipment sales.