Materials Management

Summary of profession

Materials management is a logistical career similar to supply chain management in which professionals are hired to supervise purchasing decisions. In the healthcare field, materials managers focus on ensuring their medical facility is properly stocked with the right products and equipment. They’re involved in procuring everything from blood pressure cuffs and medications to hospital beds and x-ray machines.

Working hours, patterns and environment

A career in materials management often requires overtime hours and working on weekends. The working environment ranges from an office to a warehouse or shop floor, and dress standards reflect this. Office wear is most usual.

Education and Skills

Most companies seeking employees for a logistics or materials management role look for candidates with a bachelor’s degree. Some companies may hire applicants with an associate’s degree, especially those who have significant work experience in purchasing and supply management.

Job and Growth Opportunities

The field is expected to grow in the future. There are opportunities for one to move from being just a materials management staff to a manager.