Human Resource Officer

Summary of profession

A Human Resources Officer (HRO) is a vital part of any organization, commercial or non-commercial, private or public sector, large or small.
In human resources, you will be involved in employee recruitment, training and development, the provision of compensation and benefits, the enforcement of disciplinary procedures and conflict resolution, while ensuring that the company continues to meet its business and organizational objectives.

Working hours, patterns and environment

Human Resources Officers usually work during the day at office hours. They are based in an office but may be required to travel if they work for a company with more than one site.

Education and Skills

A degree or higher national diploma (HND) in a relevant subject such as HR management or business may be required for some posts. However, some HR graduate schemes welcome applicants from any degree discipline. Candidates need to demonstrate excellent people management and interpersonal skills, as well as the ability to deal with different types of people at various levels – from a factory worker to the CEO.

Job and Growth Opportunities

Recent graduates are likely to begin their career in human resources by working in a general HR role. Many enjoy the breadth of this work and choose to remain in this environment or move into a more specialized or senior position with responsibility for a number of HR officers.