Facilities Manager

Summary of profession

A facilities manager is the ultimate organizer, making sure that an organization has the most suitable working environment for its employees and their activities

Working hours, patterns and environments

You will generally work a 40-hour week, but longer hours may be required on occasion to meet project deadlines or to cover emergencies. Some facilities management roles require shift work in order to cover 24-hour operations.

Education and skills

You will need interpersonal, relationship-building and networking skills; procurement and negotiation skills; the ability to multi-task and prioritize your workload; time management skills; project management skills; research skills and the ability to draw information from various sources, including people;
clear and concise writing skills and the ability to handle long and complex documents; teamwork skills and the ability to lead and motivate others; IT skills; managers will need a practical,flexible and innovative approach to work. You will also need a qualification in facilities management and management experience and subjects like business studies or surveying.

Job growth and opportunities

With experience you may be able to progress to senior or regional manager roles.