Dental Therapist

Dental Therapist

Summary of profession

Dental Therapists are primary oral healthcare professionals, who are trained to perform basic clinical dental treatment and preventive services within a variety of practice settings. They examine and treat diseases of the teeth in pre-school, primary and secondary school children.

Working hours, patterns and environments

They must be registered with the Medical and Dental Council of the country in which they intend to work. Full time Dental Therapists usually work 38-40 hours per week. Dental practices are warm, bright, well-lit and clean.

Education and skills

To become a Dental Therapist, you must complete a diploma in Oral Health Therapy. The duration of the training is 3-4 years full time. Prerequisite subjects include Math, English, Biology, and Chemistry at the CXC or IGCSE level. Dental Therapists must have manual dexterity, good eyesight, be able to do precise and detailed work, establish rapport with children, and work as part of a team.

Job growth and opportunities

Dental Therapists can progress to a Practice Manager or dedicate themselves to teaching Dental Therapy training courses.