Central Sterile Technician

Central Sterile Room Technician

Summary of profession

The Central Service Room (CSR) Technician is an individual who is trained to perform the duties that are directly related to the management of the general hospital and surgical instruments, trays, and related materials which include decontamination, inspecting, sorting, assembling, wrapping, sterilization and
storage; reprocessing and testing of patient care equipment; specialty carts and case cart assembly. They are responsible for the stocking and delivery of supplies. They operate and monitor decontamination and sterilization equipment.

Working hours, patterns and environments

Technicians work regular shifts each day, but they must take exceptional care to wear protective clothing etc. as they handle equipment with communicable diseases.

Education and skills

To be a CSR Technician a high school or GED diploma is required. Previous work experience in Central Sterile Supply is preferred. You must obtain a certification through a national accredited agency and must complete annual continuing education requirements to maintain CST certification.

Job growth and opportunities

With seniority and experience coming into play you could move on to become the CSR supervisor. Technicians are necessary to the healthcare facility