Biomedical Equipment Technician

Biomedical Equipment Technician

Summary of profession

Bio-Medical Equipment Technicians are highly skilled technologists responsible for ensuring that medical equipment is fully functional, safe and properly configured. These professionals install, inspect, maintain, calibrate, repair, modify and even design biomedical equipment and support the systems to make sure they adhere to stringent medical standard guidelines.

Working hours, patterns and environments

BMETs work with an exceptionally large and diverse array of state-of-the-art medical devices and equipment. Consequently, these professionals must be highly skilled technicians. Although these professionals usually work during the day, they are sometimes expected to be on call, including evenings and weekends because repairing vital medical equipment is urgent.

Education and skills

Most entry-level technicians enter the field with a 2-year associate’s degree in a related field. A 4-year graduate is an applied engineer who can perform the same medical equipment management duties as a clinical engineer or BMET Manager.

Job growth and opportunities

Experienced BMETs may be promoted to supervise the work of junior technicians. Others specialize in a particular area or become instructors in training programs. Many technicians start their own businesses and work for several facilities on a freelance basis.