The excellent turnout reflects the relevance, importance and need for the sharing of information and continued education between the private and public sectors.

In its 11th year, the conference explored the theme, Common and Understated Emergency Conditions in Womens Healthcare, through several thought-provoking topics including:

  • Case presentations on acute abdominal pain: Working the differentials
  • Maintaining the quality of life with pelvic floor health intervention
  • Male and female consensual coital injuries: Why care may be compromised
  • Hematological emergencies: Too much clotting
  • Morning sickness. When is it life-threatening?
  • Emergency Management of Bleeding GYN Malignancy
  • Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome. A thing of the past?
  • The impact of abortion on the family
  • Women with heart disease: Implications for pregnancy
  • Postnatal depression: Worst kept secret?

In his opening remarks, HSAs Deputy CEO Ronnie Dunn pointed to the need for local providers to pursue a collaborative approach to enable women to have effective and efficient pathways to access the care needed. He said, "we cannot become what we need to be by remaining who we are" as he elaborated on the need for change to ensure access, efficiency, and cost effectiveness.

Doctors are increasingly aware of how managing various cancers, heart disease, urinary conditions, haematological conditions and diabetes in female patients may call for different approaches that take into account women’s physiological differences. Even within the familiar areas of gynaecology, pregnancy and childbirth, there are many understated issues that require further attention and more exploration.
Ronnie Dunn, Deputy CEO

A faculty of experts and healthcare leaders from across the region gathered at the conference to address these topical issues and provide clinical updates in the continuum of care for women. Their presentations emphasized an evidence-based approach to providing seamless preventative and/or curative care.

HSA booth

The conference coincides with International Womens Day each year, celebrating womens social, economic, cultural, and political achievements.

The event was possible with the support and sponsorships of the HSAs Womens Health Department, Complete Womens and Childrens Health, Doctors Hospital and Team Integra, Health City Cayman Islands, Miami Cancer Institute, Baptist Health South Florida, Ministry of Investment, Innovation and Social Development, Ministry of Health and Wellness and other sponsors and exhibitors.