Having read a news report detailing how the Cayman Islands Health Services Authority (HSA) was finding it difficult to retain wheelchairs that were repeatedly taken from the premises and never returned, Caledonian Financial Services decided to donate ten new ones to help address the situation.Caledonian staff said they were disappointed that the HSA was in such need of wheelchairs, with as many as thirty disappearing from the hospital in the last five years and therefore far fewer numbers remaining to service the varying needs of the busy Cayman Islands Hospital.Ms Jacqui Terry, Director of Caledonian Group Services said they were determined to help.We decided the best way to assist the HSA was to donate wheelchairs that were harder to steal, so each chair has a built-in high bar making it more difficult for it to be placed in the back of a car, Ms Terry said. In addition, each has an oxygen tank holder and an IV drip stand to make each chair as useful as possible for every medical scenario.Health Services Authoritys Chief Executive Officer, Ms Lizzette Yearwood, said staff at the HSA were extremely grateful to Caledonian for this thoughtful donation.Wheelchairs play such an important role within the HSA that it is a real setback when we lose even one as they are needed in maternity, critical care, A & E, dialysis and many other units. We are deeply grateful to Caledonian for boosting our wheelchair numbers and taking the time and care to ensure the new chairs will hopefully be harder to take off the premises in the future, Ms Yearwood said. Although the hospital does have to replenish these over time when they are taken and not returned, this generous donation will make a big difference in aiding the efficiency of the hospital and allowing us to best serve our patients. Photo Caption 2 (L to R):  Charmin Fennell, Nurse Manager Specialist Services; Tina McClean, Patient Services Manager; Jacqui Terry, Director of Caledonian Group Services; Lizzette Yearwood, HSA CEO; Dr Delroy Jefferson, Medical Director.