The Health Services Authority's Nutrition Department have started using the service for patients who have appointments and are not considered urgent.This service have been utilized with several of our patients >55yrs old and the otherwise vulnerable members of the community; through contacting either the patients themselves or where necessary, a family member responsible for the care of these individuals. The consultations are done and the necessary dietary recommendations are forwarded via email or dropped off at their convenience.Patients who are on the homecare list will have their Medical Nutrition Therapy information or tube feed regime changes delivered at their home where necessary. Nutrition and COVID-19 We will be doing our best to provide nutritional guidelines where possible in order to prevent misinformation relating to concoctions that can boost immunity/cure or prevent COVID-19 [Novel Coronavirus]; as there are various misleading videos, leaflets and other types of messages being forwarded throughout the community via apps or social media which, may put our most vulnerable who are often on several different types of medications, at increased risk of hospitalization if there are drug nutrition interactions.Our Registered Dietitians remind the public to be vigilant on what they consume; as this can be very dangerous as well.Remember, practicing good hand and food hygiene have been the recommended standard for many years. It is also imperative that at this time we refrain from consuming undercooked foods, especially meats, poultry and fish because these are also sources of infection.For further information on food standards relating to the Novel Coronavirus, please visit: and for our diabetic patients please visits: or call our offices at 2442663/ 2655.