Christmas arrived early for a teenage trauma patient of the Health Services Authority (HSA) who recently received his most memorable gift ever a new prosthetic limb donated by Laura Ryder, certified prosthetist and orthotist (CPO).

Fifteen year old Renaldo Taylor was elated when he arrived at the Cayman Islands Hospital Physiotherapy Department for his second physiotherapy session with Ms Ryder in November, after losing his leg as a result of a motor vehicle accident (MVA) in July. He had heard the great news; Ms Ryder would be fitting him for a custom made prosthetic leg she plans to donate to him.“When he found out he was so excited that he screamed and kept asking me if he could get it today. He couldn’t wait for this moment,” said Renaldo’s mother, Remona Wellington, who accompanied him to session.Prior to the accident Renaldo was heavily involved in sports including track and field, football and basketball. Taking into consideration his athletic history, Ms Ryder designed a temporary prosthetic using carbon, plastic and titanium for him to practice with while she completed a permanent limb he would receive in the New Year. “The durability of these materials are best suited for his active lifestyle,” said Ms Ryder.“Losing a limb is a tough experience to go through especially for someone who is as athletic as Renaldo. He is a super 15-year-old kid who has been through a lot and who deserves to be given a limb. He will no longer have to walk with crutches and I know it will be life-changing for him,” remarked Ms Ryder.Renaldo said he is grateful for Ms. Ryder’s generous donation and hopes he will be able to walk, run and resume most of the activities he did before the accident. He also looks forward to trying some new sports once he becomes accustomed to his prosthesis and has already begun boxing.“This gift from Ms Ryder is such a blessing. I cried when I heard about it,” said Ms Wellington. “First I want to thank God for my answered prayer. I cannot thank Ms Ryder and the staff at the Cayman Islands Hospital enough for the support and love they have all shown. This is a life-changing situation for my son."Ms Ryder has enjoyed over 15 years of partnership with the HSA and donated to several patients at the Cayman Islands Hospital within this time. “People are very grateful for what I do and for the convenience of not having to leave the island to access this service that I provide here at the HSA.”“I love my job and enjoy helping people and seeing the smiles on their faces when they receive equipment that is life-altering in such a positive way,” she said.Laura Ryder, CPO, and her staff provide comprehensive Prosthetic and Orthotic services for adults and children. She designs and fabricates Prosthetic and Orthotic devices to fulfill the prescription and needs of her clients. The ultimate goal is to increase a client's function and independence. For an appointment with Ms Ryder, your physician can send a referral to the Physiotherapy Department.