As mentioned in this weeks COVID-19 Update Press Briefing, Public Health will be conducting the antigen detecting rapid lateral flow testing pilot on Saturday 16 October 2021 at the John Gray High School Gymnasium.  Students, their households, their teachers and any persons in quarantine due to being a primary contact of one of the positive cases of the classes below will be tested. This testing is for negative households only.  Student households where someone is negative have been contacted directly by Public Health to schedule an appointment time for the entire household.  

  • Clifton Hunter High School 8C2 (testing appointments 9am - 11am)
  • Clifton Hunter High School 8L2 (testing appointments 9am - 11am)
  • Cayman Academy 6JM (testing appointments 12:30pm - 2pm)
  • First Baptist Y7 (testing appointments 2:30pm - 3pm)
  • Other families who are in quarantine directly related to these classes (testing available 3:30pm - 5pm)
 After a negative test is returned, persons will be free to leave and will no longer have to quarantine. If anyone tests positive, they will also have a PCR test conducted in a separate location on the same site. There will be a demonstration of how to do the tests and then assistance in conducting them under the instruction of a public health official, although people will be conducting these tests on themselves and assisting their family members. Lessons and feedback from this weekend’s pilot will be incorporated into the national testing plan for education. Cayman Academy 6JM households will be given one (1) lateral flow test  per person  to take home. They must take this test on  Sunday  (which was their original test date) and report any positive result to Public Health at First Baptist Y7 households will be given three (3) lateral flow tests per person  to take home. They must take this test every day until  Tuesday  (which was their original test date) and report any positive result to Public Health at If anyone tests positive on the at-home lateral flow test, they need to immediately isolate and contact Public Health. Persons are required under the Public Health Act to report all communicable diseases, and COVID-19 disease is a communicable disease under the Act. Each family will have their results viewed by a member of the Public Health team.   This testing is for the negative households only. Households with a known positive are to remain home and follow the guidance from the Public Health staff.All persons are reminded to wear a mask and bring government photo ID. Households are advised to come together and must stay within their family unit as strict social distancing will be adhered to. A brief information video demonstrating how to conduct the tests can be found here  While in quarantine, if persons in quarantine develop ‘flu symptoms, please contact your healthcare provider or the Flu Hotline. 1-800-534-8600, 345-947-3077 or