[caption id="attachment_8162" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Rotary Central Cayman Islands representatives presents HSAs senior managers and clinical heads of the Accident and Emergency, Emergency Medical Service and the Critical Care Units with three new video laryngoscopes.[/caption] A donation from Rotary Central Cayman Islands will help the Cayman Islands Health Services Authority (HSA) improve life-saving treatment of critical patients having difficulty breathing due to obstruction in their airways.The service club generously donated three new video laryngoscopes to the Cayman Islands Hospital Accident and Emergency, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Critical Care Units. A video laryngoscope is a crucial lifesaving tool used to assist with intubation (a process to assist patients with breathing) for trauma and surgery. The equipment is inserted into the mouth of the patient, allowing doctors and medical personnel to get a clear view of the throat.I have worked with HSA's finest emergency medical technicians and paramedics who have seemingly performed miracle intubations on patients who have extremely difficult airways such as motor vehicle accident victims with head, neck and face trauma, said Rotary Central Health Initiative Chair Zelta Gayle, who also works as an emergency room registered nurse at the HSA. It is the intention that these laryngoscopes will augment their emergency services in advanced airway management.The King Vision laryngoscopes provide a clear, high quality real-time view of patients airway and minimizes the risk of injury among patients with throat tumours or with changed anatomy from trauma. It maximises the medical providers chance of first-attempt success and minimizes the intubation time, improving the success rates of very challenging intubations. It also facilitates the removal of foreign objects from the upper airway, prior to the option of surgical airway intervention."Rotary Central and the Health Services Authority have shared an excellent relationship in the delivery of healthcare over the years, Ms Gayle stated. With the dedicated participation of the HSA and major establishments on the island, Rotary Central has provided annual island-wide health screening of almost 8,000 people over the years. The club has also facilitated the Diabetes Educators course for 19 nurses and pharmacists, supported the Cayman Islands Blood Bank and donated modern Spacelabs Healthcare monitoring equipment for the Emergency Room. The donation of the three King Vision Laryngoscopes is just another example, and Rotary Central intends to continually identify needs and donate as is possible.Immediate Past President of Rotary Central Susie Bodden said she was delighted that during her year as president she was able to support the acquisition of laryngoscopes for the HSA. This initiative was put into motion after Rotarian Zelta Gayle, who works at the HSA as an emergency room nurse, informed our board of the need for the laryngoscopes to aid advance airway management.The donation of the three King Vision laryngoscopes to the Health Services Authority will enhance the services being offered by the Accident and Emergency, Emergency Medical Services and the Critical Care Units, where every second in advanced airway management is crucial, said HSA Medical Director Dr Delroy Jefferson. This is another example of the outstanding partnership established over many years between the HSA and Rotary Central Cayman Islands in support of our commitment to delivering high quality healthcare services to our community.