The generator, which is valued at over $30,000 operates on propane and was installed at the clinic facility in September 2023. The donation was made possible via an R3 grant facility which offers funding to emergency- or disaster-related projects.

The generator will ensure uninterrupted power supply to the health centre during critical periods when power from the main supply grid may not be available. This will enable continuous operation of the island’s only clinic and its telemedicine offering. This mitigates the risk of spoilage of essential medicines that require cold storage and improves continuity of care for users of the clinic.

Lizzette Yearwood, CEO at the HSA noted that, “the donation by the R3 Cayman Foundation contributes to the vision of the HSA to provide accessible and convenient healthcare to all residents of the Cayman Islands, regardless of their location. The standby generator will allow continuity of care for users of the health centre following natural disasters.

Dr. Srirangan Velusamy, Director of Sister Islands Health Services, also shared his appreciation. “We sincerely thank the R3 Cayman Foundation for helping to strengthen the healthcare infrastructure in Little Cayman and making the HSA’s operation more resilient. Our staff and residents of the island appreciates the improved service delivery, knowing that they can depend on us for continuity of care and a consistent quality of service.”

R3’s Readiness Chair, Michael Meghoo commented, “R3 Cayman Foundation is thrilled to have partnered with the HSA to successfully install a generator at the Little Cayman Health Center. This initiative will ensure the clinic can continue to operate in the event of a storm and is another step forward in our mission to ensure our Islands are well-prepared for a natural disaster or emergency”.

Last year, R3 donated a high-end Intouch Teladoc robot to facilitate virtual consultations by doctors located on Cayman Brac and Grand Cayman. The robot is equipped with an HD zoom camera, enhanced audio system and articulating head and supported the expansion of medical services at the Little Cayman Health Centre.