LFT positive online reporting will also no longer be required. We continue to recommend that cases and primary contacts of cases of Covid-19 continue to follow the existing advice on isolation and testing:

  • Vaccinated & Unvaccinated COVID-19 positive persons will isolate for 6 days and leave isolation on day 7 as long as you have no symptoms
  • Vaccinated & Unvaccinated Contacts -Persons who are primary contacts of COVID-19 positive persons must conduct daily lateral flow testing for 6 days, but may continue usual activities

Note: The day of your original positive LFT test is considered Day 0.

“Relatively small numbers of people are now seeking voluntary confirmation PCR test when LFT COVID positive, and this service is no longer providing useful epidemiology information” stated Chief Medical Officer, Dr Nick Gent. “I encourage persons in the community to still test themselves with a LFT device if they are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and adhere to our recommended isolation requirements”.