The purpose of introducing digital reporting is to enable real-time monitoring of any reactions and create a more robust surveillance system. The online ESAVI form is for persons who have received the COVID-19 Autumn Booster in the Cayman Islands only and is not intended for persons who have received the Pfizer vaccine (Dose 1 and Dose 2). The paper-based reporting system for dose 1 or dose 2 remains in place.

One of the essential components of the safe vaccination system offered by Public Health is the surveillance of ESAVI. This surveillance tool is aimed at early detection of any adverse events that may occur following vaccination, to monitor and classify risks related to a vaccine, the manufacturing process, transportation, storage, administration, and any preexisting condition in the vaccinated person, and to rule out an association between the event and the vaccine.

To ensure vaccine safety, persons who have received the Autumn booster are encouraged to fill out this form if they experience any adverse events after being vaccinated. While these reactions are suspected to be the result of a recent vaccination, some events may result from other non-vaccine related factors and some reactions are indicative of the body’s normal immune response. By reporting this information, Public Health can monitor for any new side effects or unusual patterns.

The form does not collect any information that can be used to identify an individual, therefore all online entries will be anonymous.