Protecting our patients identity and personal health information is of top priority to the Health Services Authority (HSA). This requires the cooperation of all our patients with providing the correct information when registering for healthcare services at any of our facilities.

To ensure the accuracy of patient information, the HSA requires patients to present a government issued photo identification (eg. passport, drivers licence, voter registration card), a valid insurance card, current address and contact information at the time of appointment.Our requirement for photo identification, insurance card and accurate demographics is to verify that every individual is who they say they are, to prevent fraud, medical errors and improper documentation as well as to uphold the integrity and accuracy of our patient information system.Although identity theft is usually associated with financial transactions, it is now a growing concern in the context of medical care particularly in the United States, when someone uses another person’s name or insurance information to get medical treatment, prescription drugs or surgery.No individual would want to get a bill for medical services they did not receive, see medical collection or treatments on their medical files that they do not recognize, be denied insurance because their medical records show a condition they do not have, or have the privacy of their medical records compromised. We kindly ask that our patients cooperate with our registration staff as we continue in our efforts to protect your identity and the security of your medical information.