(REVISED) GTPS students & households in isolation GTPS students and their households who are in 14 day quarantine and are not a primary contact of a known COVID positive patient, will have PCR testing available on Tuesday September 28 2021 at the Lions Centre.  Testing is encouraged but not mandatory. If you feel that you need to be tested before returning to work or your child before returning to school, please act accordingly. Testing times are as follows:

  • 1:30pm - Reception, Year 1 & their teachers
  • 2:00pm - Year 2 and their teachers
  • 2:30pm - Year 3 & their teachers
  • 3:00pm -Year 4 & their teachers
  • 3:30pm- Year 5 & their teachers
  • 4:00pm – Years 6 & their teachers & any other GTPS staff
Persons are asked to attend at the times allocated above to avoid congestion as social distancing will be adhered to. Please bring your own facemask. After testing, all families should go immediately back home without making any stops and remain in quarantine until the end of isolation, which is Wednesday 29 th September 2021.  Persons not connected with a known positive can leave quarantine on Wednesday 29 th September 2021. If anyone in the household tests positive for COVID-19, everyone in the home will need to remain in isolation and will be contacted by Public Health. GTPS students or primary contacts positive for COVID-19 Cases and households will be tested at home on Wednesday September 29 th 2021. Public Health will contact these households directly to advise of a their at-home testing times. These persons are reminded to remain in isolation until tested and released by Public Health. If anyone in the household tests positive, the entire household remains in isolation. Flu Clinic exit testing for isolated persons Persons who are currently in quarantine as primary contacts from the Flu Clinic should report to the COVID PCR Testing Clinic at the Cayman Islands Hospital today, Monday September 27 th 2021 12pm – 1pm to have their exit test. Public Health has contacted these individuals to advise of their appointment times.After testing, all persons should go immediately back home without making any stops, and remain in isolation until further notice from the Public Health Department. Test results will be emailed directly to the individual within 24 hours of testing. If anyone tests positive for COVID-19, they need to remain in isolation and will be contacted by Public Health.