The Public Health Department is now offering additional clinics in the districts to conduct confirmation PCR testing for persons who test positive on lateral flow tests (LFT). The following clinics will be available daily:

  • Ed Bush Sports Complex (West Bay), 1 – 2pm
  • Bodden Town Civic Centre, 1 – 2pm
  • South Sound Community Centre, 1 – 3pm
Any person testing positive on a Lateral Flow Test must receive a confirmation PCR test from the Health Services Authority from one of the above clinics only .  Persons who test positive on LFT must isolate immediately, report result on and attend the next available designated HSA clinic for your PCR test. This confirmation PCR test is a Public Health requirement.  Results will state “Not valid for travel” and will not be charged to the individual.Only one (1) positive LFT confirmation PCR is needed at the beginning of your isolation period, multiple LFT confirmation PCR tests are not required. Persons need to then remain in isolation until they are due for exit testing.Individuals who require PCR testing for outbound travel or other optional screening may attend the PCR testing clinic at 131 Centre MacLendon Drive.  PCR tests are CI $75, paid for by the individual.
  • Monday – Friday 7:30am – 12pm • Saturday 10am – 12pm • Sunday 10am – 2pm • Public Holidays 10am – 12pm
For travellers who test positive on a certified 2, 5 or 10 day LFT, the healthcare provider who conducted your test will report your positive result to Public Health.  You do not need to report via government’s self-reporting form, however the confirmation PCR at the Community Centres is still required.As a reminder, persons reporting positive on LFT need to attend one of the above three community clinic locations only. These confirmation tests are not conducted at the Cayman Islands Hospital, COVID clinic, nor private institution.For more information about COVID-19 testing & vaccination clinics, visit