The Cayman Islands Health Services Authority’s (HSA’s) Pathology Laboratory was reaccredited last week by the Joint Commission International (JCI) renewing its status as the only accredited medical laboratory in the Cayman Islands with a highly skilled team of professionals who are among the best in the region.“We are delighted to again receive the universally recognised Gold Seal of Approval from the world’s largest health care accreditor. This symbol reflects our laboratory’s commitment to providing safe, effective and quality care to patients of the HSA,” stated Laboratory Manager Judith Clarke.“Laboratory professionals may not interact directly with patients but we play a crucial role in the detection, diagnosis and treatment of disease. The tests we conduct help determine the presence, extent or absence of disease in patients and monitor the effectiveness of treatment,” Ms Clarke noted.Worldwide 79 per cent of all hospitalised patients have laboratory works performed but at the HSA the statistic is above 79 per cent with majority of all decisions regarding a patient's diagnosis, treatment, admission and discharge based on test results.The HSA laboratory first received JCI accreditation in January 2015. JCI accreditation helps laboratories demonstrate their efficiency and accuracy while keeping the focus on quality and patient safety through a complete, accurate and objective assessment of laboratory processes and management practices that provide vital services for patients.Kathy Cross, JCI Surveyor, remarked, “During my assessment, the Cayman Islands Health Services Authority’s laboratory demonstrated it has excellent staff, equipment and exceptional management that work collectively to provide outstanding service to the physicians and patients of the Authority.”“I am very proud to be working with such dedicated staff. In addition to achieving reaccreditation, members of the laboratory received regional recognition for outstanding achievements in their field from the Caribbean Association of Medical Technologists (CASMET). These accomplishments attest to the level of expertise we have in HSA’s Laboratory, which I can confidently say is home to some of the best technologists in the region,” said Ms Clarke.CASMET award recipients include Shelaine Ricot (Phlebotomist of the Region Award), Martin McKenzie (Outstanding Academic Achievement Award), Dale Chin (Most Outstanding Medical Technologist of the Caribbean) and Marcia Robinson-Walters (Outstanding Service to the Regional Executive Council as Treasurer).Mr Chin stated, “The achievements of JCI accreditation and the CASMET awards attest to the level of work and dedication that we put into our jobs. As laboratory workers, we are not at the forefront of the healthcare service line. Therefore, it feels good to be recognised regionally and internationally for the effort we put into our jobs and the important role we play in patient care.”