[caption id="attachment_11733" align="aligncenter" width="906"] RNs of Cohort 3 (l-r): Chelsea Ebanks, Kianna Rankin and Shanique Ayers. Missing: Monique Bodden and Jackie Fraser.[/caption]Eighteen Caymanian nursing graduates from 3 cohorts have moved on to pursue full-time roles as Registered Nurses (RNs) after completing the Health Services Authoritys (HSA) prestigious year-long Transition to Practice (TTP) nursing programme.Since its inception in 2018, the Transition to Practice (TTP) Programme provided local nursing graduates with the skill-building experience that facilitated their transition to full Registered Nurse practice. Each participant gains experience working with patients under the supervision of experienced RN Preceptors. Participants also rotate to various speciality areas in the hospital to learn the healthcare system in more depth and to explore career interests.Nursing is a high-pressure career and the transition from student nurse to qualified practitioner is a challenging one that causes much apprehension for new nurses. Transition to Practice Programmes offer participants the opportunity to find solutions to real-life challenges through structured peer support and we are proud to be able to offer our local nurses this incredible action-based learning opportunity, said Monty Gross, senior nurse leader for professional development at the HSA and overseer of the programme.The Joint Commission International and the Institute of Medicine, among other healthcare quality agencies, recommend hospitals use these residency programmes to improve safety, patient outcomes and nurse retention.In response to COVID-19, the programme limited the rotations of members of the last cohorts to their home units and Public Health where they experienced swabbing patients and administering vaccines. Despite the limitations, we are pleased to report that the programme remained successful with no negative impact on outcomes, declared Dr Gross. I congratulate our graduates who have all worked diligently towards gaining the experience and confidence they need to deliver patient-centred care to the people of these islands.Kianna Rankin of cohort 3 describes her time in the TTP Programme as a once in a lifetime experience. Before this programme, we had never done COVID swabs or learnt the procedures of managing a COVID infected patient. The programme offered us the opportunity to be on the front lines assisting our country during the pandemic. We also completed several educational courses within the programme gaining CME credits towards the renewal of our nursing licence. It exposed us to how all the different units in a hospital are operated, broadening our perspectives beyond what we learned in the classrooms.[caption id="attachment_11713" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] New RNs of cohort 2 gaining hands-on experience in the Health Services Authoritys Transition to Practice Programme.[/caption]Shemika Gooding of cohort 2 described her overall experience as an unforgettable one that taught her a lot about life, her future, people, and her patients.Khichala Robinson, an RN Preceptor in the programme, stated that it was a rewarding experience teaching the young RNs, both clinical practice and theory, as well as training them to give competent, holistic care.In addition to allowing them to gain experience, this programme provides the new Registered Nurses with insight to decide on which area of nursing appeals to them most for practice or future specialization, said Mrs Robinson. She further noted that, although experienced, nurses had to do the formal preceptor course to participate as an RN Preceptor. It feels so good to be training our own nurses to provide the best quality care in our healthcare system throughout the Cayman Islands, she added.To apply for the TTP Programme interested persons may contact HSAs Human Resources Department at hspersonnel@hsa.ky .Participants of the HSA Transition to Practice Programme and their main/home units:   1st Cohort (April 2018- March 2019) Stephanie Bodden (Medical)Gracian Miller Beale (Medical)Sophia Morgan (CCU)Jasmine Nabali (Surgical)Cynthia Powell (Public Health)Jody Ann Syms (Cardiology)Martika Williams (Surgical)   2nd Cohort (May 2019 - April 2020) Reanna Hydes (Surgical Unit)Monique Hayles (Surgical Unit)Christina Blair (Medical Unit)Shemika Gooding (Medical Unit)Linette Thompson (Medical Unit)   3rd Cohort (April 2020-March 2021) Shanique Ayers (Medical)Monique Bodden (Medical)Kianna Rankin (Surgical)Jackie Fraser (Public Health)Chelsea Ebanks (Surgical)