Constantly striving to improve client services and improve patient experience, the Cayman Islands Health Services Authority (HSA) is introducing a new pharmacy software system.  Once fully launched the system will allow for a safer, more efficient pharmacy service.On the 22 nd September 2014, the HSA will introduce the new system within their pharmacies.  The main changes will occur in the pharmacy at the hospital, with a token system in place.  This will provide clients with a more accurate wait time, and allow for more effective and reliable filling of prescriptions.  There will be an improved control of inventory stock levels ensuring that medications will be available where possible.The HSA’s Chief Executive Officer, Ms Lizzette Yearwood, said the HSA is excited about all that this new system offers, including the eventual smoother flow within the pharmacy. The Suvarna System will also link to the Patient Web Portal that will be launched before the end of the year. “This system will revolutionize the way we work, give us greater control over our stock levels and also ensuring that patients are given the highest level of care we can offer.” said Colin Medford, Chief Pharmacist of the HSA. Patients are asked to pay attention to the posters in and around the hospital to familiarize themselves with the new steps, which are based around a token system.  Upon entering the pharmacy clients are advised to take a numbered token and a seat, while they wait for their number to be called.  When called they should hand in their prescription and insurance card.  They can then wait for their prescription to be filled or they can leave to return later.  If they choose to stay, they will be called to the counter and once again asked for their insurance card, they will then be given their medication.  If they choose to leave, upon return they must scan their token again to be placed back into the queue. The new procedure will ensure that patients will no longer have to stand in line.  This is one of the many advancements the HSA is making to ensure a more comfortable and pleasant experience at the hospital