The Cayman Islands Health Services Authority (HSA) is continuing to improve local services with the recent installation of a sophisticated laser that is the newest and most effective piece of equipment available for treating kidney stones. The new Holmium Laser treatment machine is a flexible ureterorenoscope and laser for lithotripsy, which is specifically used for the treatment of kidney stones in a safer and quicker way than previously available.Dr Rafal Krupiniewicz, a HSA Urology specialist, spearheaded the campaign for the Cayman Islands Hospital to acquire the new equipment and has already undertaken several laser therapy procedures. To be able to offer this outpatient procedure to the community locally, with the best technology available on the market, is an important new service, Dr Krupiniewicz said.Whilst kidney stones do not require emergency medicine, they can cause extreme pain and impact the patients quality of life considerably. Now we can treat patients quickly, effectively and professionally right here in Cayman, he said.Kidney stones affect 1 in 10 people and can cause severe pain and blockages in the kidney, ureter, bladder or urethra. The Holmium Laser is used for the treatment of stones that have grown too large to pass naturally and where surgery is the only option. The new laser treatment eliminates stones by dissolving them in one session, whereas previous laser models required more than one session to be totally effective. The new machine also completely dissolves the stones in comparison to older models that crush the stones, resulting in the smaller stones still needing to be passed by the patient, which can be extremely painful.Ms Lizzette Yearwood, HSAs Chief Executive Officer said the use of this kind of technological development is essential to enhancing the services offered locally.  The addition of this state of the art laser equipment is aligned with our goal to provide high quality services that are more accessible to residents and visitors of Cayman. Living with kidney stones whilst waiting for a trip off-island for treatment can be incapacitating and we are pleased to now offer this new service. Photo Caption: Dr Rafal Krupiniewicz, a HSA Urology specialist with the new Holmium Laser treatment machine