Several staff members, including 5 managers, have recently completed various levels of the ILM Certificate Programme in Leadership & Management at the Civil Service College.

Among those who were awarded for their achievements during the Civil Service College graduation are Director of Support Services Racquel Sutherland, Support Services Manager Sharon Buckley, Training and Development Manager Marsha Eleweanya, and Human Resources Manager for Recruitment Cashema Clarke who all completed the ILM Level 5 Certificate Programme in Leadership & Management.

This programme is designed for people who are in middle-management positions and have received previous leadership or management training. It consists of 20 hours of tutorial support and 60 hours of guided learning, with a total credit value of 20. Some of the topics covered in the programme include becoming an effective leader, developing and leading teams to achieve organisational goals & objectives, and developing a culture to support innovation and improvement. The four female managers completed the programme over the course of 6 months.

I am grateful to the HSA and the Civil Service College for providing ongoing opportunities for professional development and skill enhancement to drive positive change within the HSA. There is considerable evidence to show that leadership and management can make a significant difference in organisational performance, with good leadership steering improvements in public service performance.
Racquel Sutherland, HSA Director of Support Services

Other HSA graduates from the Civil Service College include Legal Counsel Garcia Kelly, who completed the ILM Level 3 Certificate Programme in Leadership & Management and HIM Coder Maria Fairclough and Business Coordinator for Primary Healthcare Michalle Manderson, who completed the ILM Level 2 Certificate Programme in Leadership & Management.

Mr. Kelly, who also performs a managerial role, stated, “Leadership is at the heart of any successful organization. I undertook this course to develop my leadership skills and got far more than I had bargained for. The ILM programme has played a significant role in awakening a strong enthusiasm for further development of my leadership acumen and I am most grateful for the exposure afforded me by the Authority and the Civil Service College.”

Monique Malcolm, the Director of Civil Service College & Human Capital Development, congratulated the staff on the completion of their programmes.

We are celebrating the achievements of these dedicated managers and staff. Their success not only highlights their individual commitment to excellence but also reflects the HSA's support of continuous learning and developmen
Monique Malcolm, Director of Civil Service College & Human Capital Development

The HSA continues to invest in leadership and management training for individuals in various positions within the organisation to develop the competencies they need to excel in their roles and keep abreast of industry changes and trends.