The Health Services Authority (HSA) Summer Student Internship Programme took place from 1 June through September 2022 offering interns varying placement timeframes from 4 – 8 weeks and in departments across the organisation including information technology, pharmacy, molecular biology, materials management and others depending on the area of interest.

"Many of our interns will use this experience to gain acceptance into top colleges and universities and further their career development."
Samantha Bennett, Chief Human Resources Officer

"To ensure a future of highly trained healthcare professionals for the Cayman Islands, we provide this internship that offers our local students the chance to explore the wide range of options and gain valuable skills in one of the most progressive and impactful sectors across the globe," stated HSA Chief Human Resources Officer Samantha Bennett. "Everyone needs healthcare, therefore there will always be a demand for persons in this line of work."

Jada Whorms, who interned last year in the Molecular Biology Laboratory where she became certified to conduct PCR testing, was excited to return this summer. "My dream is to become a forensic pathologist. I chose HSA because it allows me to gain more experience and understanding of how a health facility works. Also, I want to include my experience at HSA in my personal statement because I am applying to a medical school next year."

The Information Technology (IT) Department felt like the natural trajectory for professional growth for intern Tevin Barnes who dreams of becoming the CEO of his own IT business. "My favourite part of the HSA Summer Student Internship was troubleshooting issues the staff encountered and seeing them smile and brighten up once the issue was resolved. I have gained experience and expanded my network here at HSA, so I recommend the HSA summer internship."

Tevin Barnes 1024x576

Tevin Barnes assisting the HSA team.

While some interns were placed in areas that aligned with their future career goals, others were placed in departments matching their interests and talents. In these departments, they were able to learn about the healthcare system and develop new skills.

Lotoya Brown who enjoys providing customer care received the opportunity to utilise her interpersonal skills at the Smith Road Medical Centre Pharmacy where she constantly interacted with people. "This internship allowed me to try new places and environments. It’s a good experience if you are uncertain about your career path." Lotoya now aspires to work towards a position in marketing.

Haeli Skeete 759x1024

Haeli Skeete

Haeli Skeete expressed she was not passionate about medicine or medical services but enjoyed working with people, which landed her a place in the Materials Management Department which interacts with all departments and focuses on ensuring they are properly stocked with the right products and equipment. "The staff in the department were very supportive and kind. They gave me different tasks and projects that pushed my limits. The HSA internship allows students to get hands-on experience working in a hospital. I developed different skills that will be useful in the future."

The HSA Summer Student Internship is offered yearly to high school and university students who are Caymanian and/or have the Right to be Caymanian, are at least sixteen (16) years old and have a genuine interest in learning about the healthcare industry.