Local charitable organisation, I AM CO, recently made a generous donation to the Cayman Islands Health Services Authoritys (HSA) physiotherapy department.  With approximately forty children regularly using the physiotherapy department, I AM CO saw the need for a selection of sensory toys and equipment.Ms Rockella Smith, Physiotherapy Manager at the HSA, said the department was very thankful for the donation.  The equipment and sensory toys will greatly benefit the children that receive treatment here, Ms Smith said.  They will help our young patients with mobility, balance and flexibility.  In addition to the specialised equipment, the sensory toys will keep the children engaged and incorporate fun activities into their sessions.I AM CO was established in 2004 with a mission to alleviate poverty throughout the Caribbean with the provision of basic needs and educational opportunities.Ms WendyAnn George, I AM CO representative, was present to handover these items.  I AM CO is here to assist Individuals to become more independent thereby reaching their full potential, Ms George said.  We saw the HSAs physiotherapy department as an opportunity for our organisation to touch the lives of the children currently receiving treatment, as well as those in the years to come.In addition to the twenty sensory toys, I AM CO also donated the following:Rifton Pacer Walker Leckey Tot Standing Frame Climbing wall ladder Angle ladder Steam Roller Scooter board PT stool Home therapy system - linear glider Big Talk Triple Play Sequencer Talking Magic Roller Somatosensory Bead chainTo learn more or to donate to I AM CO, visit www.iamco.ky. Photo Caption 1: I AM COs donation of physiotherapy equipment and sensory toys Photo Caption 2 (L to R): Hazel Brown, HSA Nurse Manager; Rochella Smith, HSA Physiotherapy Manager; Jennifer Ryan, HSA Paediatric Physiotherapist; WendyAnn George, I AM CO representative standing next to the donated equipment.