Statistics showed 27% and 8.3% of deaths in the Cayman Islands are related to cardiovascular diseases and diabetes mellitus, respectively. These are considered “lifestyle” diseases which can be managed with consistent doctors’ visits and care, leading to patients living longer.

It is a known fact that early deaths associated with chronic non-communicable diseases are largely preventable with following primary care guidelines. To lower the numbers and improve the quality of life, we must begin to focus on remedying the situation quickly through altered lifestyle habits and consultations with doctors who are able to track and provide guidance to patients
Dr. Samuel Williams-Rodriguez, HSA Director of Primary Healthcare
Samuel Williams Rodriguez

Dr. Samuel Williams-Rodriguez

Preliminary findings from the STEPS National Health Survey revealed that seven in 10 adults in the Cayman Islands are overweight, one-third are obese and 7.7% suffer from high blood sugar levels. The findings were shared at the recent Cayman Islands Healthcare Conference.

It is for these reasons that Dr Williams-Rodriguez is urging the population to not just look at the impact on the individual’s health but to also consider the social and productive impact on the community.

Healthcare on the islands has improved greatly, especially in the public healthcare system and district clinics, and persons should take advantage of the advancements and accessibility. Too often, the discovery of chronic diseases is made late, requiring more resources, finances, and time to remedy
Dr Samuel Williams-Rodriguez

He advises patients with chronic diseases to visit their doctor, at least, every four to six months or more frequently depending on the severity of their diagnosis. He indicates these visits are precautionary measures to help patients maintain a holistic treatment plan and for doctors to identify any deficiencies or need for enhanced care.

Since April 2022, the HSA opened new clinics for General Practice , Public Health , and Geriatric Services at the Smith Road Medical Centre and opened a new Urgent Care Clinic at the George Town Hospital to facilitate better access to care for the community.

While encouraging patients to visit their doctors regularly, Dr. Williams-Rodriguez points out that the choice of clinic is important.

Urgent Care clinics are there for people seeking care for specific conditions that need immediate, non-emergent treatment. However, the General Practice Clinic is where patients, especially those with chronic diseases, should be going for more in-depth care and discussions about their current and historical health status.
Dr Samuel Williams-Rodriguez

To book an appointment at the General Practice Clinic, persons may call 949-8600, or request an appointment through the MyHSA Patient Portal website or app. The Urgent Care Clinic at the entrance of the George Town Hospital is available Monday to Friday 8 am – 8 pm and on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 11 am – 8 pm.