This years conference theme, Common and Understated Emergency Conditions in Womens Healthcare, promises to provide thought-provoking insight on the following topics*:

  • Case presentations on acute abdominal pain: Working the differentials; Dr Peter Sipos (HSA)
  • Maintaining the quality of life with pelvic floor health intervention, Camille Marshall – Harris (HSA)
  • Male and female consensual coital injuries: Why care may be compromised, Dr Leroy Campbell (HSA)
  • Hematological emergencies: Too much clotting, Dr Lundie Richards (HSA)
  • Morning sickness. When is it life-threatening?, Dr. Brandon Bernard (HSA)
  • Emergency Management of Bleeding GYN Malignancy, Dr. Troy Gatcliffe (Baptist Health)
  • Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome. A thing of the past?, Dr. Joseph Davis (Cayman Fertility Center)
  • The impact of abortion on the family; Millicent Allen (Cayman Islands School of Nursing)
  • Women with heart disease: Implications for pregnancy, Dr. Pooja Monteiro (Health City Cayman Islands)
  • Postnatal depression: Worst kept secret?, Dr. Madhavi Manoharan (Integra Health Care)

The all-day conference will also be CME accredited. *Presentation topics are subject to change.

The conference coincides with International Womens Day each year, celebrating women's social, economic, cultural, and political achievements worldwide.