The Health Services Authority (HSA) is undertaking a phased multi-million-dollar plant modernisation initiative at the Cayman Islands Hospital. As a part of the initial phase of the multi-year plan, the facilitys existing air conditioning system will be replaced with modern state-of-the-art chillers.Board Chairman, Jonathan Tibbetts says the Boards approval of the significant increase in the Authoritys capital budget reflects its commitment to continued investments in infrastructure improvements, new technology and other resources to support the HSAs delivery of high-quality healthcare.We are confident that the HSA has some of the best clinical staff in healthcare, but the delivery of healthcare requires a modern and sustainable infrastructure that provides a welcoming environment to our patients as well as equipment and technology that optimizes diagnosis, patient care and clinical outcomes. Our investments in capital improvements are all about providing the best experience for all patients at all HSA facilities. One of those initiatives is the modernisation of our existing chiller (cooling) system, said Mr Tibbetts.The new generation York Chillers will be more energy efficient with lower operating and maintenance costs and designed with future flexibility and capacity as the hospital footprint expands.The first phase of the chiller installation will commence on 16 November with full replacement of the hospitals existing six chillers scheduled for completion over a three-year period.HSA CEO Lizzette Yearwood says no adjustments in the HSAs daily operations is anticipated during the project, but the public should be observant of heavy equipment onsite during the period of installation and follow all safety signs and instructions. Ms Yearwood also says that the Authority will have contingency arrangements in place with additional temporary cooling capacity being brought onsite to ensure reliable ventilation to all areas of the hospital in the event of any unforeseen challenges.The new chillers are expected to significantly reduce electricity costs when the project is fully completed.The first phase of the chiller modernisation project is being undertaken by Otis Air, through a public tender carried out earlier this year by the HSA.Shannon Richards, Service Manager and Project leader for the programme says that in addition to the increased efficiency, reduced maintenance and utility costs that will be a significant benefit of the new chillers, a further benefit to the HSA will be smoother temperature control not possible with the original chillers.Mr Richards says the new chillers will also be more environmentally friendly meeting a key requirement of the HSA as part of the organisations strategic goal to become more engaged in reducing global warming through technology and building systems that are focused on reducing the impact of greenhouse gas emissions.Chairman of the Boards Infrastructure Subcommittee Rolston Anglin says the major multi-year facility modernisation programme will also include the transformation of patient rooms, expansion of the Accident & Emergency Department to improve patient flow and reduce waiting times as well as other significant changes being planned to improve access and services at the HSA.Mr Anglin noted that additional announcements will be made regarding these facility and service improvement initiatives in the future.