As the Cayman Islands population continues to grow, the Health Services Authority (HSA) is beginning the implementation of its 30-year Master Facility and Service Development Plan to expand services and access to care to meet the changing demographics and new demands for healthcare services.Amongst the HSAs plans is a satellite medical facility in Bodden Town that would replace the existing Bodden Town Health Centre and offer a range of expanded and new clinical services to residents of the eastern districts.The HSA has published a Request for Proposal (RFP) for architectural drawings of the new Bodden Town Medical Centre, which will also house its own Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Acute Care Services. The project will be undertaken in two phases over multiple years, with the first phase being the replacement of the existing Bodden Town Health Centre with enhanced services.The new clinic will include the following:

  • A waiting area for approximately 50 people
  • A registration area with at least 3 positions whilst maximizing patient privacy
  • 2 Administrative offices
  • 2 Minor operation rooms
  • 3-4 Urgent care rooms
  • 3-4 Clinical exam rooms
  • Pharmacy
  • 2 Dental rooms
  • 2 Physiotherapy rooms
  • Dialysis area with 3-5 chairs and all supporting infrastructure
  • A radiology unit with supporting infrastructure
  • EMS area – garage for 2 ambulances and staff support areas
  • General staff support areas – lunchroom, etc.
  • Storage areas
Phase 2 involves the expansion of the complex to include inpatient services. This area will include:
  • A&E area with 6 bays.
  • 1 Operating room with supporting infrastructure
  • Medical gas infrastructure
  • 8-12 Inpatient rooms
HSA’s CEO Lizzette Yearwood says the plans for the new facility are part of the Authority’s strategic goal to increase access to care and expand services in communities across the Cayman Islands.Ms. Yearwood highlighted recent data from the Cayman Islands Economics and Statistics Office with the official population count of 65,813 at the end of 2018, an increase of 3.8%, and that the number of people living in Bodden Town has surpassed that of West Bay, which is also putting pressure on the limited facility at the Bodden Town Health Centre.Additionally, Ms Yearwood highlighted the Authority’s increased focus on improving the reliability of emergency medical response to the eastern districts and estimates that emergency response times will be substantially reduced with the new facility.The Authority expects to finalize the RFP and vendor selection process by year-end and announce projected cost estimates and a project schedule for the new facility in 2020.