The Health Authority Services has introduced further visitor restrictions for its maternity unit amid the intensifying COVID-19 pandemic.The expanded measures, which take effect this week, includes restrictions to the partners and support persons of mothers in the labour.This was a difficult decision to reach as we understand how special the birthing process is and how important it is for expectant mothers to receive support from their partners during and after labour, said Chief Executive Officer of the Health Services Authority Lizzette Yearwood.However, it is our duty to ensure the safety of all expectant mothers and babies in our care while balancing this with our commitment to creating an exceptional patient experience. We want to reassure expectant mothers that we are fully aware of the heightened emotions they are experiencing at this time and our staff are going above and beyond to ensure they receive the emotional support they need.Expectant mothers may use their personal electronic device should they choose to use it while in the labour room. Beyond the initial birthing process, partners can connect daily through their own technology until patient discharge.Maternity patients seeking more information can contact their healthcare provider or the womens health or maternity unit at 949-8600.