The Cayman Islands Health Services Authority (HSA) has boosted its patient experience measurement by implementing automated real-time surveys after each patient encounter.Patients will receive a phone call from 345-946-8600 within 24-48 hours of service with an automated voice asking them to answer some brief questions about their most recent visit to any HSA location, including Faith Hospital and District Health Centres. If a patient cannot be reached by phone, they will be contacted via email from These custom surveys will specify the patients name and department where the patient care took place. Both survey methods take five minutes or less to complete.This new survey, which is fully compliant with the Cayman Islands Data Protection Law, will provide our team valuable patient feedback specific to the department, service line and medical provider, said Dr. Vinton Douglas, HSA Director of Corporate Services. Patient feedback will aid us as we make informed decisions allowing us to improve the patient experience across the continuum of care.The survey launches in January 2021.Phone surveys have been used by the HSA for many years to measure patient satisfaction, however, this new and improved method allows the surveys to be focused on the service received allowing the feedback to be tailored to the specific department.NRC Health, HSAs partner in this survey, is a global research firm providing integrated delivery of patient experience research and evidence-based best practices designed to improve patient-centered care.For additional information and FAQs about the survey, visit or email