The mandatory training focused on the organisation’s core values (Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Caring & Excellence) and outlined the expected behaviours of the staff to uphold these values. These performance standards were developed by high-performing employees across every department, a bottom-up approach, providing accountability and ownership across the team.

The workshops were attended by over 1,200 HSA staff members across the three islands providing a collective approach to accountability, communication, and the delivery of empathic and quality care.

Following the organisation’s achievement of Joint Commission International accreditation last year, the training serves as the next step in taking accountability and elevating our patient-centred culture.

These sessions present a unique opportunity for us to hear from every member of the team in a consultative way, agreeing on a high standard of delivery to our patients and community. It is imperative for staff to be consistent in the way they live out our value
Ms Lizzette Yearwood, HSA Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Osbourne Bodden, HSA Board Chair stated, “ We need our staff to drive our mission and values and to do so collectively and consistently. Healthcare is changing and so, too, are the expectations of our patients and the community. It, therefore, means that as providers we need to adjust to meet and exceed those expectations.

Standards of performance training 2

Minister of Health & Wellness, Hon. Sabrina Turner addresses staff of the HSA during the Authority’s Values Day, Standards of Performance Customer Service Training workshop.

Minister of Health & Wellness, Honourable Sabrina Turner, and Chief Nursing Officer, Felicia McLean also attended and showed support for this initiative.

“I wholeheartedly commend the HSA Board, Management and all of the staff for carrying out this critical initiative,” Minister Turner stated.

Given the competitive environment in the local healthcare industry, I am pleased to see our national healthcare provider putting importance on mandatory customer service training across the organisation to further put into practice their core values
Hon. Sabrina Turner, Minister of Health & Wellness

We believe that caring and compassionate personal behaviours are at the core of our organisation’s commitment to delivering quality patient-focused care. By making an official commitment to practice these values, we reinforce them, acknowledge that they are expected behaviours, and encourage our fellow employees to practice them diligentl y,” Ms. Yearwood emphasised.