Due to the severe weather forecast, the Cayman Islands Health Services Authority (HSA) has cancelled all elective surgeries and regularly scheduled out-patient clinics including district health centres, general practice, specialist, therapy services, mental health, radiology and dental and eye clinics for Monday, 26 September 2022 . The COVID-19 drive-thru, urgent care walk-in clinic, pharmacy and phlebotomy will be closed as well.

Therapy Services at Bay Town House and the COVID-19 vaccination clinic at the Family Life Centre will also be closed on Saturday, 24 September 2022 .

All patients will be contacted directly to reschedule appointments affected by these clinic closures.

Pending the all clear from Hazard Management Cayman Islands (HMCI) these clinics may reopen on Tuesday, 27 September . The COVID-19 drive-thru clinic may also resume on Tuesday for next week.

A&E will still operate 24 hours, but persons are reminded to stay home unless it is a true medical emergency.


All scheduled and walk-in clinics at Faith Hospital will be closed on Monday, 26 September 2022 . A&E will remain open for any emergencies.

Little Cayman Clinic will be open for emergencies only . Contact: 244-7661.

Please note the following Hurricane Preparedness information:

HSA facilities, including all hospitals and district health centres, are not general hurricane shelters for the public. If you need shelter, please go to a district hurricane shelter.


Protect your medications by securing them in an airtight, watertight plastic container, or a zip-lock bag.During hurricane season, always ensure that you have an extra 2 week's supply of your current medication. Keep these additional medications in the container and do not use them, unless necessary. Use any additional medications at the end of the hurricane season. Store medications in a cool, dry place and only refrigerate those labelled 'for the fridge' or refrigerate.


Pregnant women who are experiencing contractions and women who are in their seventh month (Third trimester) or beyond should contact their physician for guidance and possible referral to hospital for admission if a hurricane or tropical storm threatens.

Women in late pregnancy who are evacuating should take with them a copy of their prenatal care record and immunizations, as well as their birth bag. They should also bring a two weeks' supply of any medications, including prenatal vitamins and prescriptions.

Do everything you can to reduce stress, which is a major factor in preterm labour. By planning and preparing early, you can help reduce stress levels.


Oncology/Hematology patients who are receiving active treatment have been contacted to reschedule. The Chemotherapy Unit can be reached at 244-2872 to make arrangements as needed.


All dialysis patients have been contacted to make arrangements to be dialyzed. The dialysis unit can also be reached at 244-2769 or 244-2624.


Even when urgent medical care is needed, immigration authorities still require the proper documentation. Without it, most countries will refuse admission. Always have travel documents for yourself and your family in order it can be critical to saving precious lives. Ensure that you have the correct and valid travel documents such as a passport, COVID-19 vaccination card and visa to enter the US, UK, Jamaica or any other likely destination. Also, ensure that your health insurance premiums are paid and current.


Emergency medical treatment is available at the Cayman Islands Hospital and at all designated Emergency Medical Centres located in public shelters.

During a hurricane, emergency calls are responded to on an individual basis depending on risk assessment. Treatment should only be sought for medical emergencies. EMS vehicles do not operate in tropical force winds, which are deemed unsafe for you and the EMS responders.

Label and secure all important medications in a watertight storage container so they can be readily available and easy for the EMS responders to find.

To avoid carbon monoxide poisoning, generators must be properly vented and should not be used indoors or in confined spaces.

For more information regarding emergency medical centres (EMC) at public shelters and criteria for admission to the hospital during a storm, please visit https://www.hsa.ky/information-for-our-patients/hurricane-preparedness/

The HSA will continue to provide updates regarding closures. All updates will also be available on www.hsa.ky . If you have questions regarding your appointment, please call 345-949-8600.