The Health Services Authority (HSA) has partnered with the Cayman Pharmacists Association (CPA) to celebrate Pharmacy Week 2020 (September 20-26) under the theme "Transforming Global Health, which is also this years World Pharmacists Day theme. As part of the celebration, the association will be launching a self care initiative with the main aim of providing the necessary tools and support to the Cayman population living with chronic conditions.The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for governments everywhere to take greater steps to tackle chronic/non-communicable diseases and pharmacists across the Cayman Islands are working arduously every day to do their part to ensure that everyone benefits from access to safe, effective, quality and affordable medicines and health technologies, as well as from pharmaceutical care services, stated CPA Chairperson and HSA Pharmacist Khimanie Blackwood. By performing our role and implementing new methods to improve our reach and the service we provide to individuals in our community, we are contributing to the transformation of global health.With the new self-care initiative, Cayman pharmacists will provide tools, education and support to help persons with chronic illnesses to transform their health. The initiatives goal is to supplement those with chronic conditions regular medical care and empower them with all they need in order to improve their health outcome and quality of life. It is not meant for them to replace scheduling their doctors appointments, explained Mr Blackwood.As part of the initiative, the Cayman Islands Hospital Main Pharmacy and North Side Clinic Pharmacy, both facilities of the HSA, will be joining pharmacies across the Island to conduct a Brown Bag Medication Review during Pharmacy Week. The purpose of the event is to encourage members of the public to bring all of their medicines and supplements for the pharmacists to review and advise these persons if they are taking the medications correctly. The pharmacists will also identify medicine errors and misunderstandings that would otherwise be overlooked.The Brown Bag Medication Review will take place on World Pharmacists Day, Friday 25 September from 10am-1pm. At the Cayman Islands Hospital, it will be held at the former location of the Flu Clinic, on the side of the hospital just opposite the Seventh Day Adventist Church, to the far left of A&E. Patients attending the event may use the church parking lot. No appointments are necessary.In addition to the medication check, the week's activities will include a church service, journal club meeting, continuing education session as well as radio interviews.Pharmacy Week this year affords an opportunity to communicate how pharmacists are transforming health through a variety of health services in their communities, including advising on healthy living, vaccinating to prevent disease and ensuring that medicines are taken correctly, thereby managing diseases well and improving quality of life, said CPA Deputy Chairperson and HSA Pharmacist Ketesha Salmon.The week also highlights the value of the pharmacy profession to stakeholders and celebrates those in the field, Ms Salmon added.HSA applauds the Cayman Pharmacists on this initiative and will provide the pharmacists with the support needed to ensure that patients benefit from effective pharmaceutical care.