If you have already refilled your prescription and have 2 – 3 weeks of medication currently on hand, you do not need additional refills at this time.

For patients who have not been regularly refilling chronic medication, it is advisable to see your doctor as you will require a new prescription. If you are out of medication and need a refill prior to the impending storm, please call the pharmacy 244-2715 or 244-2716 and they will advise accordingly. If you need a new prescription from a doctor, please visit the Refill Clinic with your containers or medication labels at the General Practice Clinic at Smith Road Medical Centre on Tuesday July 2nd between 9am – 2pm. Prescriptions will be available for pick up the morning Wednesday July 3rd at the HSA Smith Road Pharmacy.

During hurricane season, store all medications in a cool, air-tight container and only refrigerate those labeled 'for the fridge' or ‘refrigerate’.