The Health Services Authority (HSA) is comparable to some of the best hospitals in the United Kingdom was His Excellency Governor Anwar Choudhurys verdict after completing a tour of the Cayman Islands Hospital on Friday, 6 April 2018.I just had the most wonderful tour of a hospital that has blown me away in terms of the quality that I saw. From the moment I walked in - the cleanliness, the organization - I thought it was very impressive and I kept on comparing it to the very best hospitals I have seen in the United Kingdom, said Governor Choudhury.He commended the staff, including CEO Lizzette Yearwood and Medical Director Delroy Jefferson, saying they should be proud of what he referred to as a great organization and an important national infrastructure that everyone including himself relies on.When I fall ill or my family falls ill, this is where I will come to. So its a very, very important institution to us and I was really impressed, he declared.During the tour, the governor explored various departments, interacted with staff, asking them relevant questions about their units, their roles and responsibilities and mingled with patients to find out how they felt about the care and quality of the services.At Faith Hospital, he acknowledged that it was an impressive facility for an island of Cayman Bracs size and commended the hospitals PAC system that allows the hospital the ability to archive and send X-rays digitally to Grand Cayman. The governor recommended that the hospital engage as soon as possible in telemedicine, which allows healthcare professionals to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients at a distance, using telecommunications technology.The Cayman Islands Hospital and Faith Hospital in Cayman Brac were just two of Governor Choudhurys stops during his visits to the key government services since his recent arrival to the islands. The purpose of his visits is to familiarize himself with the operations of these services.