The Cayman Islands Health Services Authority (HSA) held an event at Grand Old House to officially celebrate its latest achievement - accreditation of the Pathology Laboratory by the Joint Commission International (JCI), the leading international healthcare accrediting body.The accreditation of the Cayman Islands Forensic Science Laboratory by Forensic Quality Services (FQS), a signatory of the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation multilateral recognition arrangements (ILAC-MRA), and the was also celebrated at this event. This accreditation means the Cayman Islands Hospitals Forensics Laboratory is the only accredited laboratory in the Caribbean British Overseas Territories.The HSAs focus on providing services that inspire confidence, deliver professionalism of the highest quality and ensuring reliability for both health care professionals and patients has been a key priority. The latest accreditation award was facilitated by Dr Delroy Jefferson, HSA Medical Director, and has been accomplished as a result of the hard work and dedication of the staff in both the Pathology and Forensics Laboratories.Accreditation demonstrates that our labs are committed to - the highest standards of quality and safety, and we can deliver our services with confidence and pride, both internally as a medical team as well as to our valued patients, Dr Jefferson said.The forensics lab was established in 1999 and offers expertise in a number of areas including forensic biology and DNA testing, DNA data basing services, forensic toxicology testing, forensic drug analysis, pathology, and forensic criminalistics testing in selected areas. JCI accreditation of the Pathology Lab includes the blood bank which is compliant with international standards.Lizzette Yearwood, HSAs CEO stated, This accreditation is not only a benchmark of quality delivered at the time of the audit, but provides a continuous stream of improvement opportunities for the HSA for the future ensuring that we keep up with international protocols and standards of the highest quality.Cayman Islands Premier and Health Minister, Hon Alden McLaughlin, said he is proud to have this new achievement fall under his Ministry and congratulates all of the staff for their hard work to reach this achievement.Delivering a first class health care experience is what we strive to achieve and I congratulate all of the health care providers that have been involved in attaining the best accreditation status in the Caribbean, instilling international standards, pride and confidence in the Cayman Islands.Visit for more information and services offered at the Cayman Islands Health Services Authority.Photo Caption 1 - From Left to Right - HSA Board Chair Jonathan Tibbetts; HSA Board Member Andrea Bryan; HSA Pathologist Dr. Shravana Jyoti; HSA Medical Director, Dr. Delroy Jefferson; Pathology and Forensics Staff; Councillor for Health, Roy McTaggart; Chief Officer, Jennifer Ahearn and HSA CEO Lizzette Yearwood.Photo Caption 2 - Photo Includes HSA Medical Director, Dr. Delroy Jefferson; HSA Board Chair, Jonathan Tibbetts; HSA CEO, Lizzette Yearwood; Councillor for Health, Roy McTaggart and Chief Officer, Jennifer Ahearn.