The Cayman Islands Health Services Authority (HSA) is pleased to announce their forensic laboratory has recently received international accreditation for its toxicology testing, making Cayman the first English-speaking island in the Caribbean to receive this high level of recognition.Mr Alan Glasgow, HSA Forensic Scientist, said that rigorous examination of the Authoritys forensic laboratory by US based Forensic Quality Service (FQS) auditors led to this important accreditation.Here at the forensic laboratory we have always upheld the highest level of standards, he confirmed. We are pleased that the laboratory passed with excellent grading and had no major non-conformance marks.FQS is the longest established provider of accreditation to forensic testing agencies in the United States and the FQS ISO/IEC 17025 standard which the HSAs laboratorys toxicology testing received is the highest level of international accreditation that can be obtained. In order for the HSAs laboratory to qualify, it was subjected to a random review and a full audit of case studies by a team of experienced FQS forensic scientists. In order for the HSAs forensic laboratory to retain this coveted accreditation, FQS auditors will have access to the laboratory annually as routine maintenance.Mr Glasgow said that the forensic laboratory is required for many different types of analysis including forensic DNA and paternity testing at the HSA.This means patients can go directly to the laboratory for confidential testing, he stated.Lizzette Yearwood, Chief Executive Officer at the HSA said that this important accolade for the laboratory meant the Authority was able to offer the best quality service.Customers can have complete confidence in the results that are produced from the HSAs forensic lab because the lab is held to the very highest standards through the FQS accreditation, she explained.Ms Yearwood went on to say that it was essential that the forensic laboratory be held to the highest of standards because it is a multi-functional entity servicing individual patients, law enforcement and also the corporate world, which can use the laboratory for their employee drug testing as part of their drug free workplace programmes.It should be noted that attaining high levels of accreditation was not a new event for the HSAs forensic laboratory, she confirmed.The forensic labs DNA services, including paternity testing, have been accredited at the HSA since 2009 and have to meet the United States FBI standards, Ms Yearwood said. The latest FQS accreditation will stand alongside the existing accreditation and together they serve to promote the HSAs forensic lab as one that meets the highest international standards ahead of most other comparable labs in the region.For more information about the Forensic Laboratory, contact or call 345-244-2855.