The Public Health Department has released the February COVID-19 Vaccine Schedule (Feb 10-29 2024).


Wednesday, February 14 (Public Holiday)

Cayman Agricultural Show Lower Valley, 9am – 2pm

Moderna Booster, Moderna & Pfizer (Adult Vaccine Only)

Saturday, February 24

Public Health Clinic, 9am – 1pm, 2nd Floor, Smith Road Medical Centre, 150 Smith Road, George Town

Moderna Booster, Moderna & Pfizer (Adult & Paediatric Vaccine)


Wednesday, February 21 & 28

Public Health Clinic, 2:30pm – 4 pm, Aston Rutty Medical Wing

Moderna Booster, Moderna & Pfizer (Adult & Paediatric Vaccine)

For vaccination at Little Cayman Health Centre, please contact the nurse-in-charge at 345-916-5395 to make arrangements.

We remind the public that vaccines are free of cost and no appointment is required. Individuals who have not yet received the vaccine may receive the first dose of Pfizer.

Both Pfizer and Moderna (bivalent) boosters will be available to those aged 12 and above who have had their last COVID-19 vaccination or booster shot in the last three months.

For the most up-to-date vaccination schedule, please visit the Public Health Coronavirus page .

Click here to download the current schedule