[caption id="attachment_7027" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] The Faith Hospital team is better equipped to function safely and effectively in an aero-medical environment after several of its staff completed the first air medical training course held in Cayman Brac.[/caption]Last month, six members of the Faith Hospitals medical team, completed Cayman Bracs first air medical training course that enhances the safety of critically ill or injured patients needing airlift services from the Brac for higher level treatment.The staff concluded the 40 hour Air Medical Crew Course within five days, gaining invaluable and advanced level experience in patient care continuity. The practical course meets and exceeds the Florida State requirements for air medical education. The course is based on the United States Department of Transportations National Standard Curriculum and Guidelines for Air Medical Crew Course Education. It is also approved by the Florida Bureau of EMS for Continuing Education credits.The air medical industry is complex and caring for critical patients at altitude differs from doing so in other modes of medical transport. This programme was developed to provide students with multiple exercises that will challenge even the most experienced caregiver, noted Paramedic Ralston Dilbert, who completed the course.This course is geared towards licensed physicians, registered nurses (RNs) and paramedics who strive to achieve a higher level of education and medical expertise in order to enhance their capabilities to function safely and effectively in the aero-medical environment. Aircraft and landing zone safety, preventing pilot and crew error, flight physiology, crew requirements, communications, survival and fitness are some of the topics covered. Other topics include are patient assessment and management of medical emergencies, respiratory, cardiac, neurological, orthopaedic, trauma, burn patients, shock, obstetrical and paediatrics.Director of Sister Islands Health Services Dr Srirangan Velusamy stated, Air medivac crew medical training for Faith Hospital staff enhances the safety of our critically ill and injured patients who need the transport to the tertiary care centre. This is one more step to reassure the community that we are taking all the necessary actions to give the appropriate care, adhering the international standard for their loved ones when they are airlifted.Scott Schein, National Association of EMT Lead/Clinical Instructor, Emergency Medical Education and Technology System, conducted the programme completed by Faith Hospital staff Noralee McIntosh (RN), Jose Salazar (RN), Michael Nichol (RN), Raju Manu (RN), Damion Ferron (EMT) and Mr Dilbert.