The week, which was celebrated under the theme ‘Honouring Our Past, Forging Our Future’ was observed from 19th-25th May, and recognises the commitment of EMS providers in increasing the probabilities of positive outcomes for patients needing urgent and immediate healthcare.

Minister of Health & Wellness Honourable Sabrina Turner in thanking the team for their service stated, “we deeply appreciate and honour the dedication and courage of our emergency medical staff who continue to bridge the gap in providing critical care for the people of the Cayman Islands under immense pressure. Their ability to save lives demonstrates extraordinary skill and provides reassurance”.

Speaking at events held for EMS staff, Ms. Lizzette Yearwood, HSA CEO noted, “this year is particularly significant as we celebrate EMS Week, a milestone that emphasises the incredible journey of emergency medical services over the years. The past holds immense lessons whether it's the wisdom of those who trained us or the pioneering efforts of the early days of EMS. These experiences and struggles have shaped the profession into what it is today.”

She further highlighted the inherent demand of the job, underscoring that the “work is often defined by the moment - focused on the patient before you, the urgency of the call, and the immediate demands of saving lives. Thank you for being here, and more importantly, thank you for everything you do. You are the heart and soul of EMS, and we are profoundly grateful for your steadfast devotion to saving lives.”

Last year, the EMS team received 12,646 calls across the islands.

HSA’s Chairman Mr. Osbourne Bodden in offering remarks, urged members of the EMS team to “reflect on the incredible impact you all make every day. You are committed to saving lives, providing critical care, and being the first responders who rush toward danger when others flee. Your dedication is nothing short of heroic, and tonight, we recognise and appreciate each one of you.”

Given the critical role of the EMS in providing life-saving care, the HSA has expanded its outreach with the opening of a temporary station in Bodden Town, bolstering its emergency support to eastern districts. Currently, there are four EMS stations in Grand Cayman, allowing for quick dispatch of ambulances.

EMS recipients of the Coronation Medal include:

  • Krystal Arch
  • Ernesto Artiaga-Bodden
  • Hope Barnett
  • Michael Blackburn
  • Chris Brandson
  • James Brewer
  • Shane Andrew Brown
  • Kendal Connor
  • Charmaine Coore
  • Brian Dilbert
  • Ralston Dilbert
  • Stephen Duval
  • Hallan Ebanks
  • Laura Ebanks
  • Nicholas Elliott
  • Jennifer Gayle
  • Tracy Gibbs
  • David Hurlston
  • Arthur Isaacs
  • Christopher Johnston
  • Steven McLaughlin
  • Sonja McLean
  • Robert Michelin
  • Sherman Myles
  • Cameron Myrie
  • Hervel Pusey
  • Junier Rivero-Ferguson
  • Kerriann Robinson
  • Julian Schoefer
Grand Cayman EMS Group Photo

Members of the Emergency Medical Service (EMS) team – James Brewer, Tracy Gibbs, Kendal Connor, Julian Schoefer, Nicholas Elliott, Chris Brandson, and Hallan Ebanks - display their Coronation Medals at a function to celebrate EMS Week. Sharing the moment are (from left) Ms. Nellie Pouchie, Chief Officer, Ministry of Health & Wellness; Mr. Osbourne Bodden, HSA’s Board Chairman; Hon. Sabrina Turner, Minister of Health & Wellness; Ms. Joy Vernon HSA’s Deputy Board Chairperson, and Ms. Lizzette Yearwood, HSA’s CEO.